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Dear Betty the Bruin (First Installment)

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Dear Betty the Bruin: how do I get involved in my school?

      Good Question! The Guidance Counselors say to pick quality over quantity when choosing things to get involved in. Choose a few things to be really involved in and put a lot of effort into those. Blacksburg High School has a bunch of different club options and extracurriculars so everyone should be able to find something that they enjoy doing.

There are tons of options for people to express themselves through various forms of art. The BHS Theatre Arts Association puts on numerous shows throughout the year and offers a club in school on club day. The art program offers many opportunities to show off artistic ability. You can even join the National Art Honor Society! Some other options are joining the marching band or taking a band or choir class.

Blacksburg High School also  has many options for those who are less artistically inclined. You can join the MACC, ACE, Forensics or Debate teams to show off your knowledge. MACC, ACE, Forensics and Debate allow students to compete against other schools in different ways. For the more athletic people, BHS has a wide variety of sports teams ranging from swimming and diving to baseball and softball.

Sometimes all it takes to get involved in your school is to attend these events and support the student body. Come see a football game on Friday night or go see the school play to support your peers that are putting themselves out there in some way.


Thank you so much for your question! Remember to keep sending in your questions to be answered on  

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Dear Betty the Bruin (First Installment)