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Xbox One: Project Scorpio

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With new entertainment system technology coming soon such as the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation Virtual Reality, which sold out, Xbox fires back with an idea of their own. The Xbox One Scorpio, set to release holiday 2017, will feature a bunch of new innovations for the gaming community. These innovations include 4K gaming, much higher frame rate, and an even faster gaming experience.

Its common to go into the specifications (specs) when talking about a new console. It’s also pivotal when comparing new consoles coming out due to comparisons with other competing consoles. The Xbox One Scorpio will feature six Teraflops of graphical processing power, eight CPU Cores, and 320 Gigabytes of memory. As far as price goes, no one knows for sure how much the console will be. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has stated it will have a “premium” price. The console may feature VR Gaming, and more features will be showcased at the press briefing at the E3 Gaming Convention in June 2017.

Windows announced on March 1 that it had plans to release its Windows Mixed Reality VR headset to the upcoming Project Scorpio console in 2018. The company made the announcement during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on Wednesday.

“Windows Mixed Reality experiences will light up on other devices over time….Our plan is to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio, in 2018,” the company said in a blog post.

Whatever the other features are for Project Scorpio, it is a safe bet to be a financial success for Xbox due to a holiday release date.

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Xbox One: Project Scorpio