Apple Announces New iPhones

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Apple Announces New iPhones

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Three new iPhones were unveiled on September 12 by Tim Cook, the Apple Chief Executive, at a public event, and everyone’s buzzing about them.

“I can’t wait for the release of the new iPhone; this time of year is always very exciting,” said Arbi Abazi, junior.

Two of the iphones, the iPhone XS and XS Max, have the same internal components and designs. The only big difference is that the XS Max is much larger. However, the iPhone XR is receiving the most attention.

Special features of the iPhone XR include that it is comparatively cheaper to other iPhones, starting at just $749. It has a longer battery life and a larger screen than the XS does. Also, the XR comes in many different colors that Apple is debuting for the first time this year. These include yellow, coral, red, blue, and the other normal ones: silver, black, and white. Because the backing is made out of aluminum and glass, the material makes the colorization of the phones easier.

To the disappointment of many, the iPhone XR no longer has the 3D touch, a feature that allows one to hard press on an app for other options, and only has a 12 megapixel camera, which is a downgrade from their previous phones. For example, the iPhone X had two lenses, while the XR has one. With only a 12 megapixel camera, the feature of zooming in, an option that many find useful, is worse. The phone also doesn’t have the storage capacity that the XS and the XS Max will have.

“I am not that excited for the new iPhone because it seems too similar to the iPhone X, and, from what I see, it doesn’t seem like a new and improved advancement,” said Miles Loeschen, junior.

Sophia Sobrado, junior, has similar thoughts to Loeschen. “I am very excited for the iPhone Max because I like bigger screens and phones, but the iPhone XR isn’t too exciting.”

Although many are excited for the release of the phone, some are hesitant as well, given that they come out with a new phone about once a year and only small changes are made for a much larger cost.

The pre-order day for the phones is set for October 12, while shipments will be starting on October 23.

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