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FIFA 19 is Released

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

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Every year, gamers around the world wait for the release of FIFA, the highest selling soccer video game in the world. Over the last year, FIFA 18 sold over 260 million copies, making it among the most successful video games in the world.

Although the game sold hundreds of millions of copies, some of the gamers are not satisfied with the improvements Electronic Arts (EA) made to the game.

“Every year I wait for late September just so I can play the new FIFA. However, every year I think it’s the exact same game as last year,” said Sam Dickinson, Senior.

The game this year will include new celebrations, shooting methods, and tactics. This will allow gamers to have more control over what each player does on the field. Like every year, the graphics and player transfers will be updated.

“The updates are not nearly as good as they need to be. The fans have been calling for an online career mode for years now, but EA do not listen. If EA had more competition from other companies, they would not be so careless,” said Evan Xie, Senior.

In recent years, EA have faced controversy over their ultimate team packs, with claims that it encourages gambling. In the game mode, ultimate team, gamers choose to spend in-game currency to either buy a player or open a pack. In this pack there is a low probability of getting a good player and a high probability of getting a bad player. This forces the gamer to make a decision: have a guaranteed player or gamble for a better player.

“Ultimate team packs are a form of gambling, in my opinion. However, this does not stop me from opening them because I get lucky pretty often. Most of my friends lose all of their coins and are left with nothing, but I do not care,” said Martin Forsman, junior.

The release of the game was September 28. After asking whether or not they would buy the game, Dickinson, Xie, and Forsman all said that they would because all of their friends were also buying it. Therefore, among the 260 million copies sold worldwide, Blacksburg High School students are included on the customer list.

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FIFA 19 is Released