JV Volleyball Starts the Season 1-1

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

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On Thursday, August 23, the JV Girls Volleyball faced off against Glenvar High School in a hard fought game. The Bruins started off strong winning their first set 25:22, but as the game progressed they struggled to stay ahead eventually losing the second set 21:25.

By the time the third set came, the Bruins were ultimately out of gas and lost the final set 7:15. Although they did not win, they learned from the experience and are more than ready for their next game.

Even though they lost, it still did not stop them from raising the roof when varsity was putting on a show.

“It was our student section versus theirs, even though it was just our team we were much louder than theirs,” said Campbell Winn, sophomore.

On Tuesday, August 29th the JV girls volleyball clashed with Lord Botetourt playing with much more energy than their last game. After losing their previous game to Glenvar High School, the bruins bounced back with fire and fury.

They opened up the game dominating Lord Botetourt, claiming the first set 25:10. With their sights set on the win, the bruins finished the second set 25:15 and sealed the win. They left the court with their heads held high and increased confidence in their play after bouncing back from their recent loss.

For the majority of the game, the bruins seemed to be in perfect synch as most passes were completed and spikes executed. In all, the bruins exceeded expectations for the game but still have a long way to go until they reach the level they want to be on. For now, the bruins seem to be headed in the right direction.



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