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Blacksburg Basketball Defeats Christiansburg When it Matters

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Few High Schools have a rivalry as intense as the one between Blacksburg High School and Christiansburg High School. The High Schools are located only 9 miles from each other (a 14 minute car ride). This close imity, as well as the competitive nature of the two schools has led to such a memorable rivalry.


On Monday the Varsity basketball teams played a high-stake game against Christiansburg’s Varsity basketball team. The teams were playing for the district quarterfinals, which is a loser goes home contest. This led to a very competitive game.


“After the loss to Christiansburg on Thursday I was disappointed, but I knew the game that really mattered was Monday,” said Brad Shelton, Senior basketball player.


The guys team tipped-off at six in front of a packed home crowd. The game started off even with the Christiansburg Blue Demons gaining a little bit of a lead. Their lead grew to and stayed around 10 points for the majority of the first half. It wasn’t until the end of the second quarter that the Bruins began to cut into the lead. They led a strong push and were able to enter the locker room at halftime only down by one to their crosstown rival.


The second half started off similar to the first half. It was a hard fought close game with the Demons again gaining an upper hand. The Bruins continued to go on runs throughout the second half keeping the deficit under ten for the majority of the third and fourth quarter.


It wasn’t until the two minute mark that Blacksburg turned it up. Led by star senior Antonio Houston and sophomore Grant Johnston the Bruins were able to cut the blue demon lead to three points. With only 30 seconds left in the game Antonio Houston hit a game tying three point shot. The glory was short lived however, as the demons took the ball down the court quickly got a decent shot off that missed. Both teams struggled for the rebound but it was Christiansburg’s Cam Nagle who came up with the ball and was able to draw a foul. This led to him missing one of his two free-throws.


The Bruins brought the ball back down the court with under 20 seconds left in the game. The guards moved the ball around the top of the arc until Grant Johnston was able to get himself open for the pass. He caught the ball on the low block did a spin move over his left shoulder and laid the ball of the glass for the game winning shot. The Demons were able to drive down the court and get a shot off but it missed, leaving the Bruins victorious.


“My game tying three was one of the greatest moments of my life. It is a dream I always had as a kid and for it to have actually come true in such an important game is amazing,” said Antonio Houston, Senior basketball player.

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Blacksburg Basketball Defeats Christiansburg When it Matters