Bill Brown Opens For Business

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Bill Brown Opens For Business

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How can the first home games for soccer and lacrosse be played over halfway through the season?


Before April 12, 2019, Bill Brown Stadium, the home stadium and field for Blacksburg High, was unavailable for guys and girls soccer and lacrosse to play on because it was too waterlogged. The first games scheduled to play on the field were Girls Junior Varsity and Varsity Soccer against Radford were canceled because of rain that made the field unplayable.


“It sucks that we haven’t been able to play on our field until recently. I was super excited to open against Radford on a Friday, but then it was postponed, and then I got hurt and couldn’t play against them in the rescheduled game,” said Akaela Feng, Senior member of the girls soccer team.

In the past, both girls and guys soccer “home” games were either rescheduled to become an away game at the opposing team’s field or were played at an alternative home ground like Eastmont High’s field, Christiansburg High’s turf field, or The Marching Virginians field.


Boys and girls lacrosse games were relocated to their respective practice fields that are located between Blumenthal Byway and Bruin Lane.


“The practice field is so bumpy and full of holes; it’s a sprained ankle waiting to happen,” said Jan Michalak, Senior member of the boys lacrosse team.


On Tuesday, April 16, 2019, Bill Brown had its first home games with three soccer matches: Girls Varsity against Radford and both Boys Junior Varsity and Varsity against William Fleming.


“We were excited. Finally, we could play a game without a bus ride. Bill Brown and our student section made us come out with a different type of energy and keep it the whole game,” said Tripp Showalter, junior member of the boys soccer team.


While players would rather play at home than elsewhere, the field is not in good shape.


“The field was especially muddy out where I play on the wings. Guys were slipping and sliding and tearing big patches of grass up, but it’s all part of the game, and we just love playing,” said Connor Cheynet, junior member of the boys soccer team.


Girls and Boys Lacrosse are excited to play on the field as well. They played Tuesday, April 23, 2019.


“We’re about to get this dub; you already know it. We’ve been getting dubs since we were on the practice field; now that we’re on the game field it’s only going to be better. I’ll take my team over anyone else’s,” said Zack Early, sophomore member of the boys lacrosse team.


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