MCPS Announces Last Day For Senior Class

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The announcement that Seniors have waited four years for has finally arrived. On May 24, the Senior class will hear the fourth period bell ring for a final time before walking out of the school to start their lives after high school.


During the Senior assembly on March 19, the headlining announcement was the last day of instruction, but there were also many other key dates announced. The Senior awards program will be held in the auditorium on May 22, and students will be notified via notes if they need to be in attendance.


May 24, in addition to being the last day of instruction for Seniors, will also be the day of the Senior slideshow and yearbook dedication assembly in addition to Gradfest. All of these events falling on the same day makes it apparent that the fourth Friday in May will be a day full of celebration.


However, many students wish that their final days of high school were occuring much earlier. In past years, Montgomery County Public Schools have released their Senior class earlier than the rest of the students. This year that is not the case. May 24 serves as the last day of instruction for all grade levels, and underclassmen only have to return to school if they have SOL tests.


In a statement made to The Bruin News, MCPS Superintendent Mark Miear explained the change in policy. Throughout prior years, the Seniors’ last day was when their SOLs were completed, which was earlier than all other classes. If senior students did not need to take final  exams and had completed their SOLs, their summer started early.


“Now that MCPS has eliminated final exams, SOL testing is able to take place where it belongs — at the end of each course,” said Miear.


Instead of reserving the final days of school for final exams, that week is now an SOL week for all grades. Miear hopes that this will help teachers maximize their instruction time by not holding SOL testing any earlier than it needs to be.


With that being said, this late-May release date leads to an incredibly eventful three-week stretch for the Senior class. This will be kicked off by Prom weekend, which will be May 18. Prom will be closely followed by the Seniors’ last day, and then just seven days later they will graduate. Needless to say, the Seniors have plenty to look forward to as their remaining days in high school become numbered.


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