Amazon is Worth $1 Trillion and Counting

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Amazon is Worth $1 Trillion and Counting

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“You can change the world” is a cliche used in schools that few believe. Jeff Bezos was one of the few who believed this message and decided to put it to the test by starting Amazon, an online shopping platform. Now, Amazon’s stock value has reached $1 trillion.

This rise is partially due to the ease of buying online. This idea seems simple today, but 24 years ago nobody imagined it possible.

The initiative that Bezos took is impacting people across the world, including southwest Virginia.

“Whenever I want something that I can’t find in Blacksburg, I just buy it from Amazon and it arrives in two days,” said Clay Hopkins, Senior.

Not only is Amazon changing the way people buy their products, but is also influencing the way companies run themselves. This is among one of the reasons why stores around small rural areas such as Christiansburg are closing, such as J.C. Penney, which was located in the New River Valley Mall.

“Since stores around my area are closing, I am pushed toward online shopping, specifically Amazon, even more,” said Sam Schott, Senior.

Jeff Bezos’ efforts to grow his business has drew some criticism from political figures across the country. Bernie Sanders slandered the low wages Bezos pays his workers, which was partially responsible for the $1 trillion rise.

Online shopping provides a deep selection of products with the click of the button. This forces physical stores to watch their prices because if they are too high people will purchase online.

“There have been many times where I travelled to Roanoke to look for shoes and later found them cheaper online. Why shouldn’t I buy the exact same shoe for cheaper?” said Kaleb Edwards, Senior.

This highlights a trend: the more online shopping grows, the less physical stores benefit. As physical stores lose profit, they are going to close, leaving online shopping as the main option. Stores such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma have all jumped on the trend of selling products online.

This goes to show that one person can impact the world with the decisions he or she makes. Bezos did this by paving the way for online shopping by opening Amazon. It might be cliche, but it sure is true, one person can change the world.

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