Black Friday; The Sneaker Culture and Its Place in BHS

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

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“Your shoes are 90% of your outfit,” said Sam Davis, freshman.

Prior to Black Friday, many students at BHS were in a frenzy competing to win free and discounted shoes from the website  The company sells sneakers and high fashion shoes at prices that many would consider far too expensive. Goat created a Black Friday promotion where customers earned virtual tickets that they used to enter a raffle to win the shoes that they wanted, for free or for a discounted price.  While it was a long shot, students had hope that they could win their favorite shoes.

Everyone who downloaded the Goat app on their phones got 100 tickets.  To earn more tickets, the user must visit locations that sell Goat sneakers, which featured augmented reality objects. By scanning these objects with phones and sharing them on social media, one earns tickets.  The company Goat does not have any physical locations itself, but stores like Flight Club and Sneaker Street use Goat to buy and sell shoes commercially.

The prominence of the sneaker culture essentially began with Michael Jordan and the popularity of his original signature shoes. The association between the shoe and the player made the shoe more appealing to the public.  People wanted to “Be Like Mike.”

The success of the Jordan campaign influenced many of the most popular athletes and public figures to create their own signature shoes. The Goat promotion includes signature shoes from Michael Jordan, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West.   

The price of these high fashion and desirable sneakers is something highly debated.  The most expensive shoes that Goat offers are $155,555 Asics. This shoe is incredibly rare and an outlier among the normal shoe prices. The most popular shoes range between $200 and $600, which is still deemed far too expensive by many people.

“There are certain shoes that are worth any price to me,” said Keegan Appea, freshman.  Sneakers started to be important in his life when he started to play basketball.

“What you wear when you play is so important in basketball, so I take my shoes very seriously,”  said Appea.

He takes very extensive care when picking out his shoes, in order to find the perfect pair.  To him, the looks are more important than the comfort is.

Some other students question the need to buy expensive shoes.

“Shoes are something that you need for practicality. There is no point in wasting your money on fancy shoes if they hurt your feet,” said Mason Matthews, freshman.  

When it comes to the sneaker culture, many people see shoes as just something to wear on your feet, while others see them as art.  

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