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BHS Locker Rooms are Experiencing Theft

Photo by Emily Barron

Photo by Emily Barron

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The locker rooms at BHS are places for our athletes to prepare for action, to rest, and to socialize.  Most importantly, the locker rooms are places to store equipment, clothing, shoes, and more. However, with the broad array of Varsity and JV sports offered by BHS, lockers are often in short supply.  Sports that are in season get priority, but many athletes still have practice outside of their regular season. This leaves some students with nowhere to store their equipment for part of the year. With no locker, where is the next best place for students to put their stuff?  The answer, it turns out, is the locker room floor.

Unfortunately, this not only leaves clutter all over the locker room floor but it also exposes student belongings to the risk of damage or theft.  The girls’ PE locker rooms don’t experience much theft, according to Mrs. Widrig, PE teacher. However, the girls’ Varsity and JV locker rooms can be a different story.

Zera Williams, junior, has had her belongings stolen from the locker room three different times.  She says the theft occurred both during the school day and after-school practice. The things taken include charger cords and clothes, and the most recent thing stolen from her was a pair of leggings taken on September 10, 2018.  Williams says she’s not the only one; she’s heard others complain of locker room theft as well.

Berit Wilkins, Junior, can corroborate this claim.  ¨I don’t even leave my stuff in the Varsity locker rooms,” she says, “I leave it in my truck because I’ve heard of so many people having things stolen from them.”

Fortunately, if something is stolen in the locker rooms, there is still a chance of getting it back.  Mrs. Widrig says that there are cameras in the hallway that show access to the PE and Varsity/JV locker rooms as well as cameras that monitor outdoor locker room comings and goings.  These could help school officials catch potential thieves.

If something especially valuable is taken, the police can become involved in the search.  Mr. Kitts says that it is protocol to file a police report for any serious thefts, but this has only been necessary a couple times since the building opened.  

It should be noted that the locker rooms are generally locked during the school day, and Coach Day says theft hasn’t been a huge issue this year.  However, some athletes without lockers have been considering other places to store their belongings–just in case. For those concerned about the safety of their stuff, it may be wise to listen to the advice of Zera Williams, who says, “Leave it with a trusted teacher or a friend.”

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BHS Locker Rooms are Experiencing Theft