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BHS Needs to Appreciate Student Body’s Diversity

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

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Blacksburg High School has the privilege of encompassing a diverse student body, including multiple students who emigrated from foreign countries.

To come to America, these students left behind all their familiar comforts and friends in their home countries. They display admirable persistence and courage as they learn English from scratch. Imagine studying terminology from Earth Science or Biology with only a basic foundation of English.

High school is already a stressful time for adolescents who have grown up in America. Balancing homework and a social life often induces varying degrees of anxiety; a language barrier and culture shock would present even more challenges. Providing a supportive environment would make international students’ high school experiences more enjoyable and successful.

As students who enjoy America’s manifold privileges, it is our responsibility to welcome and respect all students. Even if the students originate from foreign countries or speak accented English, they are part of our community and deserve all the rights that Americans enjoy. We can learn from all students through their cultures, experiences, or even something as simple as their inputs in classes. To fully optimize our learning from our peers, we must establish a climate that embraces everyone.

Our nation has repeatedly fought for equality for all, ingraining this mindset into our doctrine. The Women’s Suffrage Movement, Civil Rights Movement, and advocacy for the Equal Rights Amendment today should command our respect. These movements instituted our country as a global beacon of diversity and inclusiveness, symbolized through Lady Liberty. We should embody America’s ideals of equality for all students and appreciation of all cultures.

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BHS Needs to Appreciate Student Body’s Diversity