Why Kids Should Eat Breakfast

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Why Kids Should Eat Breakfast

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High school students across the country are going back to school, and with that comes the yearly tradition of parents and students rushing out the door to get to school and work. With all that needs to be done in the morning, many students are forgetting maybe the most important thing, eating breakfast.

“ I never eat breakfast in the morning man, I would prefer to sleep an extra 15-20 minutes than eat cereal. I just feel like eating breakfast is a waste of my time in the morning,” said Luke Goforth, junior.

study regarding this issue was published this past summer by Virginia Tech and Georgia Southern University regarding this issue. First, it discussed how schools can provide on-the-go breakfast to students at school. The study found that when schools give students an extra 10 minutes to eat breakfast before classes, the number of students who ate breakfast rose 20%. And when the students were given breakfast in class, that percentage rose to 40%.

“ If I had more time to eat then I would probably eat breakfast. I mean I’m already at school, so if I was given the time in school to eat then I would,” said Reed Kirk, sophomore.

The study found that students who don’t eat breakfast don’t get the nutrients they need to have a productive day at school. The research also revealed that children who eat breakfast are healthier and don’t visit the nurse. And there is even some evidence that eating breakfast can help limit the sickness that often goes around at the start of school.

Once schools and parents can get  students to start eating breakfast, the question becomes what should they eat? Many experts suggest a high protein, high fiber meal;  studies show that protein and fiber fill you up better so students don’t feel hungry an hour after they get to school. Toast, Greek yogurt, fruit, eggs, and granola are all great options.

So Bruins, with a new school year upon us, all students should take 10-15 minutes to eat breakfast so that all of us at BHS can be happier and healthier.

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