Berry Good Drinks Begins a New Year Under a New Name and New Leadership

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Berry Good Drinks Begins a New Year Under a New Name and New Leadership

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Beary Good Drinks, formerly Real Good Smoothies, has undergone a change of management, and with it comes a wave of changes. The company, which is run by the DE business management students, is introducing many new drinks that both cater to different tastes and  gauge interest in product expansion.

“The students come up with their own idea every year. It’s usually tradition to keep the same name, but this year these kids just wanted to do something different with the brand,” said Jamie Simmons, the business education teacher.

Previously, the company only produced smoothies, which were sold during lunches and after school. This generated a limited number of sales as many people either didn’t have time to pick up a smoothie, or simply weren’t interested in one. This year’s new line up of drinks is slated to include smoothies, shaved ice, hot chocolate, coffee, and lemonade.

Beary Good Drinks plans on opening September 12 during the first club day of the year; they will be taking preorders for drinks leading up to their first day. Additionally, when they do begin to sell drinks from the concession stand near the auditorium, they will start with strawberry smoothies but will quickly expand to their full product line. None of the drinks will be seasonal either; students can grab a hot chocolate in late spring, or a smoothie in the winter. The drinks will be offered after school on Wednesdays and Fridays.

“You’ll be able to get any drinks we decide to sell at any point of the year, unless there isn’t any demand for them,” Said Jonathan Gardner, Co-Ceo.

With their new list of refreshments Beary Good Drinks aims to garner more interest than in previous years, and they are addressing the issues faced by the former management head on. With their fair price, new line of drinks, and convenience of being located in BHS, Beary Good Drinks is looking to the future.

“We’re trying to tackle the many issues faced last year and expand our horizons into different products. One of the biggest letdowns of last year was their marketing. The product was good and many people enjoyed it, but no one knew anything about it, the price, the time it’s being sold. We are trying to start taking cards, as many people don’t carry cash. Last year did a fantastic job without advertising, so we’re trying to push beyond that,” Said Jonathan Gardner, Co-Ceo

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