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BHS Revives the Cinderella Project

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Want to go to prom, but can’t afford the decorative dress or the fancy tuxedo?  The fashion marketing team at Blacksburg High School has a plan that may help bring this dream to life.  

On March 17, students in the advanced fashion class will be teaming up with students from Virginia Tech to bring the Cinderella Project back to BHS.  The mission of the project is to provide the means of attending formal events to those who are not financially well-equipped to do so.

“The Cinderella Project is really to outreach to the BHS community for those that are less fortunate and not quite as able to have the whole prom experience.  We’re trying to provide dresses and other services so that they can actually have that experience.  The goal of the Cinderella Project is to promote confidence and self-esteem of financially challenged young men and women by providing them the means to attend formal events at their school,” said Emily Deane, teacher of the fashion marketing class.

The project will consist of two main parts: collection of donations from students at BHS, and a prom fashion show in which students from the fashion marketing class will walk new and gently used dresses that will likely be available in the Cinderella Project Store when it opens in March or April.  The fashion show is set to take place on Friday, March 17 at 9:40 a.m. and 1:20 p.m.

“It’s for a good cause [because] there is a lot of need at Blacksburg High School.  There are a lot of underprivileged kids that go here,” said Ashlen Burch, one of the BHS students working on the project.

The fashion marketing team has already begun to accept donations of money, gently used dresses, jewelry, and shoes from students and staff at BHS.  Their objective?  The team hopes to reach the goal of providing 150 students with the means of attending prom this year.

“Every girl at least deserves the chance to go to prom,” said Kendall Kelley, another BHS student working on the project.  “I think Ms. Deane is looking to start it now, and since we’re doing it with Tech, they’ll continue to team up with the fashion marketing classes and hopefully in a few years it’ll be a big enough collection that schools like Auburn and Shawsville will want to have the project at their schools as well.”

The Cinderella Project was first begun several years ago by Cindy Mitchell, the previous fashion marketing teacher.  Students at BHS have worked on the project off and on for many years, until it was retired in 2014.  Through the efforts of the marketing students at Virginia Tech, the fashion marketing team at BHS, and the BHS administration, the project has been revived with hopes of continuing it for many years to come.

How can BHS students get involved?  Donations to the project will be accepted now through the front office and the marketing classrooms.  Students can also head down to the auditorium during their second or fourth block classes on March 17 to show support for the prom fashion show.

For those interested in shopping at the Cinderella store, it will be available on at least two occasions between the time of the fashion show and prom.

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BHS Revives the Cinderella Project